Examination Schedule

Examination locations (Cities) are visited by the IMITI examination committee once a year. Our regional offices will host multiple examination events based on demand.

It is possible to request a private corporate session if you have a group of individuals in a specific geographic area.

Registration fees are $490 (USD) and payment is requested after the registration process is completed.





NEW YORK , NY , USA Jan 15th 2011

NEW YORK , NY , USA Jan 16th 2011*

TORONTO , CANADA Jun 11th 2011

TORONTO , CANADA Jun 12th 2011*

LAS VEGAS , NV , USA July 23rd 2011

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA July 24th 2011*


WASHINGTON , DC , USA Aug 20th 2010

WASHINGTON , DC , USA Aug 21st 2010*


NEW YORK, NY, USA Jan 14th 2012

NEW YORK, NY, USA Jan 15th 2012*

TORONTO, CANADA May 12th 2012

TORONTO, CANADA Jun 13th 2012*


LAS VEGAS, NV, USA July 21st 2012

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA July 22nd 2012*


WASHINGTON, DC, USA Aug 18th 2012

WASHINGTON, DC, USA Aug 19th 2012*


MONTREAL, CANADA Sept 15th 2012

MONTREAL, CANADA Sept 16th 2012*


* New dates are added as required. Please send in special requests so we can determine the need to hold examination sessions in other cities as required and dictated by demand.