The Benefits

IMITI is based on the fact that all professionals perform day to day tasks based on factors that are very complex to qualify in today's market.

Recognized professional certifications only offer partial answers and guidelines to professionals and especially to employers.

IMITI's perspective on the subject is very different because when it comes to hiring a potential candidate, the real question that has to be answered by a certification is : Can this resource actually do the work that they are assigned for and not only possess the technical or operational text book knowledge?

To clarify our position, here are the major flaws associated with classic certifications:

  • They are no longer enabling a professional to stand out.
  • They have never provided a career enhancement formula or path.
  • You can obtain them within a short period of time with variable or little preparation.
  • They usually only answer technical and/or operational issues
  • They are very punctual in time (only truly relevant for a short
  • They offer limited tools to improve your knowledge in a cintinual fashion.

Finally, to answer these flaws, most certification organizations suggest or oblige their members to cumulate technical "efforts" or simply to retake a very similar examination.

For our organization, these certification are not the answer to better our industry and enable true healthy growth.

Our objective is to not only fill in the blanks left by other certifications, but to establish a professional profile of a candidate keeping in mind his experience, knowledge, his intellectual abilities and communication skills. Most importantly, the concerned professional, depending on his willingness, will be able to have access to a set of tools to refine his skills and abilities to maximize his potential.

We are convinced that the market will recognize this approach and will embrace our vision!










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