Our Vision

Our vision came forth after years of observing Information Technology certification programs progressively fail in important areas.

More precisely, traditional certifications fail in the following areas:

  • They are no longer enabling a professional to stand out.
  • They have never provided a career enhancement formula or path.

This situation arises because of an inherit design flaw, mainly when the evaluation process of a certification body wishes to process masses easily and at low cost. Most certification programs today have over 100,000 certified individuals and employers are now seeing negative results from basing candidate pre-selection on certifications noted in a resume.

Since it is simple to « cram » for these exams and ensure a passing mark without actually having true knowledge that comes with experience, Information Technology professionals was in dire need of a solution. This is where IMITI made its entry.

Today, the certification process is not only for employment purposes. Professionals are looking to better themselves day after day; curiosity and the willingness to succeed – personally and professionally - are stronger than ever.

IMITI is making a real difference, because of these key factors:

  • Our evaluation process cannot have an exam « cram » guide written for it, or a boot camp created for it.
  • Our model is based on dynamic content that is created to match the current state of the profession.
  • Our multi-phased progressive evaluation model accurately evaluates a professional’s abilities on multiple fronts.
  • We combine the evaluation of technical abilities with other significantly important characteristics such as personality, cognitive, intelligence, emotional and inter-relational abilities.

Our vision is to make a difference and this can only be accomplished by truly evaluating a candidate and offering true guidance to better each member and enable them to become a MASTER of Information Technology.










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